Unpacking the Stewardship Principle – Part 2 of 3

In part one of this series, we explored the idea of recognizing everything in your life as a gift. This is an exercise of your will. You must be determined to have a new outlook on life. You must be determined to recognize your gifts. Now, in part two of this series, you must recognize the source of your gifts.


Because recognizing the source helps you recognize intent. Recognizing intent will help you recognize your purpose.

Before we dig in, I’ll restate the tenets of the Stewardship Principle:

  1. Everything in your life is a gift.
  2. Gifts are given by a gift-giver for the benefit of the recipient.
  3. You have a noble obligation to use your gifts for the good of the world.

As I wrote about earlier, there is a reason we use the term “gifts” instead of “traits” or “characteristics.” The distinction is important as it reflects our outlook and attitude. More importantly, it informs our response.

Traits are inherited. Gifts are given.

Only you are you. You were born with a unique combination of traits and characteristics that make you unlike anyone else on earth. These traits and characteristics are generally inherited from your parents. When you adopt the mindset that your traits and characteristics are gifts that were given to you and you alone you start to understand some important realities. Understanding these realities will have a profound effect on how you live and act.

The first reality is intent. Recognize that you are gifted a certain way on purpose. Gifts are intended. Gifts are given, not inherited. Gifts are given bysomeone(a gift-giver) to another(a recipient) for a reason.

I believe that someone is God. 

I believe that God wants you to become the person He intended you to be. I believe He has gifted you a certain way because He loves you and wants you to have a fulfilling existence. Knowing you are loved by God changes the way you value yourself and your gifts. 

Acknowledging a gift-giver is an important part of exercising the Stewardship Principle. Identifying God as the source helps us develop humility and gratitude. Identifying why is the second reality you come to understand as you adopt the gift mindset: potential.

Developing your understanding of your gifts, talents, and abilities brings clarity to how much potential you have. Unfortunately, many of us have limiting beliefs that keep us from realizing out potential. We cannot unpack all of what means here, but it is a battle you must fight and win. You have so much potential! The power of your potential is realized when you start to identify your gifts, hone your talents, and focus your efforts in productive activities. 

This practice also clarifies your purpose. As you use your gifts in productive activities you experience a level of satisfaction that is unlike any other experience. You start to see that these things are what you were designed for. You are fulfilling the purpose for which you were gifted in the first place.

To summarize, you have been gifted by God with a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities because He loves you and wants you to have a fulfilling existence on Earth. Lean into it. Seek and you will find.

Next time, we will explore the third tenet of the stewardship principle. Learn more about your noble obligation to put your gifts to use for the good of the world. In the meantime, I hope you’ll spend some time considering the ideas laid out for you here.

To your adventure,

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